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METAL JACKETING ITW Insulation Systems manufactures aluminum and stainless steel jacketing, sheets, and elbows for the protection of thermal insulation used primarily in refineries, power plants, chemical facilities, and paper mills. Our products are recognized in the industrial insulation industry under the brand names of Pabco and Childers

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ITW Pipe Fitting Insulation Previously Purchased Suitable for standard outdoor use on horizontal tanks, pipe, and vertical tank insulation systems, this jacketing helps protect insulation and underlying pipe or vessel from corrosive atmospheres, physical damage, UV exposure, and

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With nearly 60 years of foam manufacturing expertise behind every TRYMER PIR product, ITW Insulation Systems offers high quality and performance you can count on. We provide rigid insulation materials are ideally suited for pipe, vessel, equipment, and composite


ITW Insulation Polysurlyn lined Aluminum Elbow Covers are made in two precision formed matching halves to cover and weatherproof insulated 45° and 90° pipe elbows. These elbow covers are called Ell-Jacs Plus by ITW Insulation

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Muffl-Jac® sound barrier jacketing is a sound barrier jacketing used with both fibrous and closed-cell insulation materials as a path control form of acoustic treatment.It is made from a special high density, composite film laminated to 0.020” aluminum, using a viscoelastic film adhesive. It simultaneously absorbs, dampens, blocks, and isolates sounds, reducing noise levels radiated by

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  STEEL JACKETING IS LAMINATED WITH POLYFILM, A CO-EXTRUSION OF POLY-ETHYLENE AND SURLYN ®*. This 3-layer, 3 mil thick film is heat laminated across the width of the metal jacketing and offers additional protection from galvanic and crevice/pitting corrosion. Johns Manville provides high-performance metal jacketing,